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A thread-safe wait-free single-consumer single-producer ring buffer for the web, and some utilities.

The main files of this library:

  • js/ringbuf.js: base data structure, implementing the ring-buffer. This is intentionally heavily commented.
  • js/audioqueue.js: wrapper for audio data streaming, without using postMessage.
  • js/param.js: wrapper for parameter changes, allowing to send pairs of index and value without using postMessage.

Examples and use-cases is a deployment of the examples in this repository with a web server that answers with the right headers for this directory, and allows the example to work. More details available at Planned changes to shared memory .

Those examples work in browsers that support both the AudioWorklet, and SharedArrayBuffer.

While most real-time audio work should happen on a real-time thread (which means inside the AudioWorkletGlobaleScope on the Web), sending (resp. receiving) audio to (from) a non-real-time thread is useful:

  • Decoding a audio codecs that browsers don't support natively in a web worker, sending the PCM to an AudioWorklet (no need to fiddle with AudioBufferSourceNode, etc.)
  • Conversely, recording the output of an AudioContext using an AudioWorkletNode with a very high degree of reliability and extreme flexibility, possibly using Web Codecs or a WASM based solution for the encoding, and then sending the result to the network or storing it locally.
  • Implementing emulators for (e.g.) old consoles that only had one execution thread and did everything on the same CPU
  • Porting code that is using a push-style audio API (SDL_QueueAudio) without having to refactor everything.
  • Implement off-main-thread off-real-time-thread audio analysis (streaming the real-time audio data to a web worker, visualizing it using an OffscreenCanvas, shielding the audio processing and visualization from main thread load)

Run locally

cd public; node ../server.js

This is a simple web server that sets the right headers to use SharedArrayBuffer (see Planned changes to shared memory on MDN).


Please do (just open an issue or send a PR).

make build

allows running the build step and copying the file to allow the example to work.

make doc

allows rebuilding the documentation.


This needs the SharedArrayBuffer, so a couple of HTTP headers might need to be set on the web server serving the page.

Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy: same-origin
Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy: require-corp

As of 2021-11-09, the following browsers are compatible:

  • Firefox Desktop all current versions including current ESR
  • Firefox for Android all current versions
  • Chrome Desktop and (usually) Chromium-based browsers (for a long time)
  • Chrome for Android version 88 and later and browsers based on Chrome version 88 and later
  • Safari run in the following way: __XPC_JSC_useSharedArrayBuffer=1 open -a "Safari"
  • Safari Tech Preview's current version


Mozilla Public License 2.0